APM 2.6 Word 2007 Add-In issue when conv to .tif

I have DocLink (APM Plus) installed and working on Server, and the Office 2007 Integration PIA installed on workstation,and can index a document into the system and convert to .tif from Excel but not Word 2007. It just say's "Converting to Tif..." and waits until the timeout, which I have even set to 20 minutes and still fails.
Once the timeouot is reached, of course, it asks if I want to save in Native Format, which I don't.
Un-Installed the Office PIA and DocLink integrations and re-installed with same result.
No word from Epicor as to why, but they have been working on it. Support has been very good on this product thus far, but this is a stumper.
OS = Windows 7 Pro and Office 7 Pro

Another issue is we cannot get the SmartClient to run anywhwere, not on Server, XP Pro or Win7 Pro, but did get the WebClient working so we are using that.

Any help appreciated. We are just steps away from starting to use the system in a production scanning project and need this to work from Word to tif.
George Hicks
Pacific Consolidate Industries
Vantage 8.03.408