APM to send emails to customers and suppliers


We use APM in ERP9 to send invoices to our customers, but we don’t use it for anything else. I’m trying to use APM to send quotes/order/POs to our customers and suppliers directly from Epicor instead of downloading them in PDF and then emailing those to our customers. This is a huge time consuming process for us today, and the ability to send quotes/orders/POs directly from EPICOR would immensely improve our processes.

Does anyone know how I could enable my team to use APM to send emails directly from EPICOR?

Thank you!

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SSRS Breaking and Routing Module is nice. Are you still on Epicor 9?

@CompositeMfr To @utaylor’s point rather than learning ABL and APM which was replaced by APR and ECM I would work towards E11 as the tools are so much better.

If you have to use APM then PO is another document form and if you print the email you want to send it to on the PO then you can grab it and email. This was all we really did with APM. Epicor had some really good APM resources back then that could walk you thru this, but I don’t know if they are around now.

E9 had BAMS which with ABL you could do a lot, but ABL is not as friendly as C#, but I have a ton of BAM routines you are welcome to.