App Server Setup File Path Error - Test System

I am setting up a test system to test 10.2.600 from 10.2.200. I first installed 10.2.200 and then did the upgrade to 10.2.600 and ran into this error. I have even tried installing just .600 and upgrading the DB from .200 to .600 and still run into this error. This was a clean install, just brought over my DB from production, not replicated from production.

I get all the way through to adding the App server and I keep running into this error. It is referencing my Production server in the path it is looking for ("\EPICORSERVER\EpicorData"). Obviously this is not the path anymore as this is on a different system. I cannot figure out where to change this value, it must be somewhere in the DB?

You trying to have 10.2.200 (your production version) and 10.2.600 on the same server?

If so (which I wouldn’t do) - make sure that 10.2.600 isn’t using any of the same directories or shares as 10.2.200 is.

Sorry ignore the name of the DB. This was me trying to work through this error 5 different times. I can assure you the DB is updated to 10.2.600 regardless of the name.

I am not trying to run both on the same server. I have my test system on a different server.

When we went from 10.1.400 to 10.2.300 (which was on a new server too), I did the following:

  1. Installed 10.2.300, on the new server
  2. Created an App (named TST_102300) for a blank DB.
  3. Restored a copy of the 10.1.400 DB (which was from App named LIVE, on the 10.1.400 server), over DB TST_102330
  4. Updated DB TST_102330 on the 10.2.300 server.

That worked for me.

(obviously there was cleanup related to Reports and whatnot)

I have tried it that way as well as doing it by upgrading. I keep ending up with this error. So odd because I had .200 working fine on this test server, its only when I try to get to .600

Update Ice.SysAgent FileRootDir, this is a list of comma separated values.

This is from old documentation but at least it is clear that the second value is the server side path.

  1. Client File Root Directory. The Server File Root Directory in the Client OS terms
  2. Server File Root Directory in the Servers OS Syntax uses for creating files (Reports, etc)
  3. Client Program Root Directory in the Clients OS Syntax to the server programs.

This looks like you do not have permissions to the EpicorData folder. Jonathon is correct when he says this is updated in sysagent, giving you a catch22 situation. You can’t create the application without it, but cannot change it till the application is built. You have 2 options:

  1. Give your user permissions to the EpicorData Folder. It is my experience that nothing will get changed and once you have the application active, go into SysAgent and update it to the test location.
  2. Use T-SQL and update the filerootdir field in the ice.sysagent table. (SELECT filerootdir FROM ice.sysagent)

Well after restarting the server, and adding/removing the app server twice, it finally worked. I have no idea why but whatever.

Now…When signing in the first time, the conversion workbench crashes right before opening! Epicor can be such a pain sometimes…