App Studio Foreign Key View equivalent

Working on my first App Studio customization and trying to figure out the best way to show data like I would have with a FKV before? Have not found a whole lot of documentation yet.

I can call a function from my form and return the data that way, however, I am wondering if there is a better way for multiple tables or subtables.

For instance if from Job Entry if I want to show the customer on the form it looks like I have to first call a function to get OrderNum from JobProd. Then call another function from that function to get the Customer Name to finally return and bind to a field on the form.

Seems I am making this far more difficult than it should be.

Hi Mike, the ability to define dataviews comes in 11.1.100 this will then provide you with that ability. You can however add a new component (textbox) specify a new bindings like JobHead.MyNewField (which does not exist on the server side), then populate that from an event calling a function’s response but you will not be able to say add a new child dataview.