(App Studio) Is there a hidden event that tries to run the BAQ in a panel card grid?

If I take a classic dashboard and publish it as Kinetic, it makes panel card grids automatically Great.

It also automatically runs the BAQ for that grid when the grid is expanded (by hand or automatically - either way). Great.

But if I delete the BAQ ID off the grid, it is a disaster. Any time the grid is expanded, it tries to run the BAQ in the BAQ ID field, which is blank.

(I am deleting the BAQ ID because I have a button/event to run it and populate the view instead.)

This problem does not happen when I make the panel card grid by hand. Only if the classic conversion made it.

But I cannot figure out what is causing it to try to run the BAQ on panel-card-expand. I see no event for this. Any thoughts?



I’m a fan of BAQ parameters (technical use of that term). I like making dashboards (in App Studio) with parameters.

What I dislike is the slider that comes out automatically.

  • It’s ugly (because I can’t rename the labels)
  • It pops up over and over again for various reasons

I know how to avoid this finally.

  1. First, either:
    a. Start from scratch and add data views tied to BAQs
    b. Or, if you start with a classic dashboard converted to Kinetic, just delete everything on the canvas (leave the views, though).
  2. Add a panel card (no grid), columns, input boxes and a “Go” button
  3. Map input boxes to TransView.WhateverYouWantToNameThings
  4. Create on-click event for the button. Add erp-baq action for each BAQ; tie parameters to the input boxes (the TransView.Whatever).
  5. Add a panel card grid for each BAQ
    a. Do NOT enter the BAQ ID in the panel card grids
    b. DO enter the view name
  6. Add all columns by hand, because App Studio wants to include them ALL and scrunched together on the screen all at once

But I want to make this easier - especially to avoid step 6. And of course it would be nice to use the existing grids.

EDIT: Fixed the steps that were out of order

Did you see this post.


I have not read those yet but I need to no matter what.

I did just find, by accident, that if I throw the grid on there and don’t add columns

  1. Yes, it smashes the columns together - knew that already
  2. But when I collapsed the panel card and reopened it, it formatted it normal-like.

I’ll take that for today!


I would build from scratch rather than convert from Classic. And use the grid guided setup–it sets things up nicely for you, including columns (usually).

I don’t like that slider either. You could replace it with a required search filter. See the post that Simon referred to, where we shared our template that has Search and Clear Search buttons that expand/collapse the grid. To properly add a required search filter, I recommend adding an event that checks whether the field is supplied and if not, show a warning message (I haven’t done this myself yet, so let me know if you get it working!)

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@hmwillett has a great guide for uplifting dashboards from classic and getting the trackers to look (and work) right again:

The default grids on a dashboard use the Provider Model and whenever a one of the search field values changes, the BAQ is executed again.
If you go into Grid Model > Provider Model > BAQ Options > Where List are there any entries left behind? I’m curious if deleting those will make a difference to your error.

Do you see an event firing in the browser console (in debug mode)? or an ExecuteBAQ in the network panel?

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No, I checked - and I just made the classic dashboard today, and I deliberately did not make it a pub-sub this time.

Most of the advice on the site is for NOT using parameters (again, I mean the Epicor-technical use of “BAQ parameter”).

No, just the error. I did start there (Ctrl+Alt+8 and all that).

It’s all good, the fact that collapsing the panel card will normalize the columns is enough of a win today.

I’ll have to try this again. I tried last week, I think, and it brought all my columns in in alphabetical order (not what I wanted).

Looking forward to reading the presentation.


It’s that way for Trackers, too

To me, the fact that no event fires when some event is happening is trickery and nonsense. In my limited experience, I’ve only seen it with BAQ Where List and with Data Rules … but I don’t know if data rules throw errors

I’m glad you’ve got something passable for now