App Studio, need to filter by date range using date picker

I am trying to filter a panel card grid date column by a user selected date range using the date picker tool since the built in column header filters don’t include “between”. I see that in the advanced properties of the date picker there is range validation. How do I get this range validation to apply to the date column in my data grid?

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Update on attempts to solve this:

Tried creating another date column to use the built in column filter feature thinking that the left date column could be min date and the right date column could be max date. This didn’t work as any filter applied to one date column directly filters the other date column, thus I was unable to apply 2 different filters to create a range.

Tried creating an on blur event with 2 date pickers where after the date was selected for the min date picker and max date picker the control would trigger from the target DatePicker and then dataview-filter-set would point to the dataview (thshiptoshelf_0_2 in my case) and filter thshiptoshelf_0_2.PartTran_TranDate. This didn’t work either.

I can’t figure out how to get the date picker to point to the date column of my grid in the correct manner. When I use the EpBinding thshiptoshelf_0_2.PartTran_TranDate for the date picker it gets greyed out and populated by the first date that pops up in the date column, so that tells me I have made a connection to the date column, just in the wrong direction.

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Disclaimer, I’m an Intern trying to learn how to swim :wink:

I was messing around deploying some dashboards from Classic to Kinetic and came across one that converted over while maintaining a “From” and “To” date range date picker. I noticed in the EpBinding for the “From Order Date” date picker it read _ngFilter.datePODetailAllFrom. In this example what does the _ngFilter represent? Is this some kind of Epicor syntax to form a binding to the built-in column sort/filter? Can someone explain this entire EpBinding example?

I also see that in the grid model there were the following changes:

EpBinding: PODetails

View Options
Description: All
Svc: Erp.BO.PODetailTrackerSearchSvc
Svc Path: GetRowsByVendorNum
the json Rest Params were
{ "vendNum": "??{Vendor.VendorNum,0}", "type": "All", "fromOrderDate": "??{_ngFilter.datePODetailAllFrom}", "toOrderDate": "??{_ngFilter.datePODetailAllTo}", "pageSize": 0, "absolutePage": 1 }

I’ve tried recreating this solution to date range in another dashboard that I need to convert to Kinetic but have had no luck. Any tips?
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