Apply Credit Memo(Deposit) balance is zero. Why?

Thank you.
Please help me as below contents.

  1. I uploaded deposit cash by DMT(Cash Receipt Entry).
  2. And then, I attempt Apply Credit Memo.
  3. But, Balance is zero as below

You can use AR Invoice Tracker to check what happens to this invoice 5427.

Thank you for your answer.

Deposit don’t generate AR Invoice.
Please help me.

So you can try to find it by using Customer Tracker

Check Remaining Amt.
More detail by click Cash Receipt Tracker.

Balance will show how much is gonna be left on the document after using “Amount to Apply”.

This was changed recently as it causes confusion, it will now show the document’s current balance.

As to why the error happens, it shouldn’t based on what I see. For Unallocated Deposit Payments it gets the balance from the CashHead.DocUnallocatedAmt field, in your case it seems like everything is in the same currency KRW and amount 5000, no idea why it thinks the Amount to Apply is less than the remaining balance.

Maybe a bug or incorrect input with DMT.

Do you know delete the “Deposit CashHead”?
I think, it can be delete in Database.
What do you think?

Remaining Amt is zero.
Where get the balance “Remaining Amt”?
Do you know related tables?

You can try to find AR Invoice (which is deposit applied) . If not, you can use Order Tracker to get Invoice Number.

On Invoice Tracker, navigate to Allocated Deposit, check Cash Deposits

Table is CashHead.DepositBalance, filter CasHead.HeadNum = xxx (474 sample)