Apply customization layer to StartProductionActivity app triggered by the "Start Production" button in Office MES

I want to apply a customization layer to the “StartProductionActivityEntry” object properties associated wtih the action of clicking the “Start Production” button in Office MES.

Unfortunately, the parameters in the properties for the button are locked, and I’m not sure how to override it. I need the button to open my customized version of the modal application, not the base version.

Hopefully someone has an idea.

Hey @Justin_Grant you will first need to make a copy of the MESControl.StartActivityProduction event by right clicking on the base event in the list of events and choosing copy.

It is within the copied event you can then set the layer on app-open

Then you create a new event for the Start Production button click and call the copied event you created above using next-event


Thanks Theodore

I was missing a couple of pieces to this

  1. The btnStartProd_OnClick was a brand new event in addition to the copied event.
  2. The control start object target needs to be set to the same “Start Production” action. (this is what hooks the button control to the copied event)
  3. The event-next object is found in the toolbox and added to this event, and then the Event ID is set to the name of your copied event in the very first step.