Apply Customization Menu Item

When applying a customization asking if you want to apply it to all of those menu items. if you choose yest it would apply to all related menu items (ie Job Tracker); if no, it will only apply to the once you are doing and will need to set any others you want. This way you don’t have to scour through the menu and hope you didn’t miss one.

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It would be fantastic if we could have a filter in menu maintenance.

I’m currently updating all of our UI customizations, and need to make sure the menus all pull the same customization. Current workflow is to do a menu search, note the path, then go into the Menu Maintenance tree view, navigate to the right line, expand the triangles, and validate the customization is correct on the right pane.

If we have a filter, only the applicable entries would show up in the tree view, and we could expand all and quickly go through and correct them…

No one else here has ever customized a UI, and forgot to change it on one menu, right? :wink:

(I know, I could probably make an updatable dashboard to do this, but it’s a wish!)

Combine this one with this one


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