Apply Customization on SSRSPrinterForm

I have made this customization:


How do I apply this customization. I cannot find this object in menu maintenance.


What are you trying to do?

Couldn’t you customize the report form (the one that calls the email/fax settings form)?

If it is a BAQ Report, use BAQ Report designer

I am trying to add a drop down list so there you can select an email address rather than typing it in every time.

Customize the Report window by adding a field to hold the dropdown list of names. Then use a BPM to pass that along when the “output” is an email attachment.


Do you have an example of how to do this? I have been struggling with updating this to default on e-mail addresses. I suspect this would be a huge help to lots of people because accessing the O365 GAL from Epicor would make sense.

I hope you didn’t spend too much time on that as my last post was a suggestion to try. Not something that I know actually works.

I did try it myself and didn’t have any luck passing a field from a print form to the “SSRS email” form.

OK, thanks Calvin. Maybe with exposing more system-level BO’s in 10.2.700 this will now be possible.

I would assume that since this is a sub screen, that you would have to do something via Process calling maintenance. Create a menu ID with the customization applied, then create a process calling maintenance record to launch that menu item instead.

But I can’t seem to find the dll to apply the customization… The program was manually filled in, perhaps this form is not with the client?