Apply Restrictions in MES that exist in Full Epicor

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We have a BPM that limits most of our Epicor smart client Users to issuing material from a specific warehouse and not the main warehouse. We need that BPM to apply to our MES users who do not have logins but do exist as Employees. The MES Employees had previously not been issuing material but will now be doing so out of one of the specific warehouses. To accomplish this, we had to select the MES employees as material handlers so they had access to the material tab in MES. The employees have the access to issue material from ANY warehouse though, not just the specific warehouses.

How do I fix this? We are using 10.2.700

Thank you in advance.

Do a trace in the MES client to see how it is different. You may have to place the same bpm on another method.

Thank you for the suggestion, the trace shows it calls the same method. I’m at a loss while the BPM catches in the full client but is seemingly bypassed by MES

Show us the BPM it might give some clues