Approval Stamps disappearing from invoice image

Has anyone experienced approval stamps burned on the invoice image disappearing? It doesn’t happene every time but it happens enough. The history shows the invoice was approved but the stamp is gone.

@Robert_Bergondo first, Welcome to the dark side :slight_smile:

in ECM - what do you mean by “stamps burned on the image” ? I ask because there are ‘stamps’ you can create, and image stamps, and other annotations - but they are all considered annotations and can only be viewed inside ECM (viewing the original/raw PDF will not show the annotations).

Also, in the toolbar above the viewer in ECM, there is a button to ‘Hide Annotations’.

We’ve had some similar issues where users cannot see the annotations, but I wanted to make sure I understood what you were doing and asking about because of the words you used.

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Hi Mike. So when the invoice is sent to the approver to approve, they click approve which opens a stamp with the date, their username, and either approved or denied and below that a text box. After the approver clicks save that information is burned onto the invoice image. But sometimes when the AP processor gets that back into their workflow the stamped approval is gone. In the history it says approved still but the stamped approval disappears.

ok - without seeing your workflow, I only know of two ways to get an approval - use the User Approval task, and set the $Is_Approved variable manually. And I only know of one way to create a stamp inside the workflow - the Add Stamp task. Now, that task allows you to send multiple inputs and create a format string to replace the text on the stamp - which sounds like what you are doing.

My current guess, is that within the Step, Action and Tasks controlling the stamp annotation, your workflow is altering it’s course, or having an error of some kind - either of which could cause the Action/Step to NOT write the annotation to the database thus exhibiting the behavior you describe.

The biggest caveat to workflows is that an Action - inside a Step - must fully complete, error free, for changes in data to be committed to the database. Changes are committed at the Action level, not the Task level.

I would split things up a bit and see if you can find out what’s going on.