Approved Suppliers

We do not allow our purchasing employees access to the part maintenance or supplier maintenance screens but we need to have a way to allow them to add Approved Suppliers for parts. On the trackers for both of those items, the Actions Menu is grayed out. Is there some way I can give them access - enable the actions menu on the tracker or add a menu item for the process? I tried adding a menu item and while it brings up the form, it doesn’t allow me to do anything with it.

Kathie G.

You should be able to make an updatable dashboard (from an updatable BAQ) for this. I do that a lot in these situations. I agree, most users do not need to get into Part Maintenance.

I will say that adding records gets a bit trickier, but it can work.

So… do you really need to approve suppliers?

What I really mean is, does your business deliberately want to exclude all suppliers on earth except a narrow list?

My point is, I tell our people not to approve any suppliers (I may have even blocked it completely). With no suppliers approved, Epicor just lets you buy from anywhere.

We do work for the Nuclear industry so we do have to approve suppliers. We actually audit all of our suppliers. I did find a way to do this. You can go to Purchasing Setup and approve suppliers in the Supplier List Price form. Works great and they don’t have to get into Part Maintenance. Thanks for the reply.