APR - Duplicates and Missing Documents


We have a customized pick note and pick note printing process. At a High level, the warehouse management team have a screen for their warehouse, where they can see incoming orders and can filter / pick which orders they want a pick note for. They can mass select, when choosen this should print the pick note and email a copy(pdf) of the pick note. Now, on occasion, we have an example like this. The warehouse team will mass pick four orders. So sometimes what happens is that the first order is duplicated 3 times and the last order is printed. So we are missing 2 orders but have 4 pick notes printed. However, the emails generated have the individual pick notes correctly.

This is one APR, we break on order number. We split out for the email and have a condition to do the printing depending on the warehouse.

The report generation/call is done through code. Server/client side printing doesn’t make a difference. The same happens at the two different warehouses.

The really strange thing is that the emails are fine but the physical prints don’t match.

When SSRS runs, under these circumstances, does it render twice per document?

Running 10.1.500

Hi, I should add that we sending the request via code. which shouldn’t make any difference. It doesn’t happening consistently.