APR only print DocStar attachments, not report itself

We have documents attached to the RcvDtl table using DocStar, and we would like to be able to print all documents associated with specific packing slip lines using APR. I set up a BAQ report and APR to break on the Company, VendorNum, PurPoint, PackSlip, and PackLine. The problem is that it prints the blank report for every break, along with any DocStar attachments it finds. We just want the DocStar attachments to print. Is there a way to accomplish this?

I’ve not done anything that complicated (yet).

Does your APR rule contain the User Action widget? that’s the thing that causes the original report request to happen in addition to the other parts. It might be at the end of the workflow and that is why you get it for every break.

It could actually be any of the widgets (print, print preview, or user action)…

I have the Print Preview node at the end, because without that it won’t print anything, including the attachments.

Can you provide a screen shot of the APR rule?


I see what you mean. I’ve looked at mine and they all finish with something the outputs the original “report” somehow.

I’m wondering if you change the report from a BAQ report to a Report Style with RDD based on your BAQs, of the SSRS type but without a report defined. I managed to create the following which allowed the creation of a Routing Rule. Perhaps this is enough to prevent the blank page from being created?

Otherwise, I think a call to tech support will need to happen :slight_smile:


I was able to get it to work by keeping the Break node, but only breaking on the Company column. My BAQ Report is already filtered by Job. It prints one instance of the report since there is only one company, and then all the DocStar attachments related to that job.

Instead of a blank report, I will probably set the report up to be our final Certificate of Conformance that we ship to the customer.

Edit: I just tried the blank Report approach and nothing printed.

Good to know that works - however unconventional. Thanks for posting the solution!