APR specific SMTP server

We define a generic SMTP Server in Company Maintenance for system and internal communication purpose. I need to use a specific SMTP server for outbound email from Epicor but there is no way to tell APR (Advanced Print Routing) to uses another SMTP Server.

Does anyone know a good way to achieve this?

Not natively. I’m not sure if you can hijack the SMTP in a BPM on the process.

We’re on Office 365 and wrote a small set of functions that allow us to send mail via Microsoft’s Graph API. This has the added benefit of allowing for the manual creation and attachment of files (which is why we originally did this). You could easily integrate with any other mail service API.

Probably doesn’t help with your particular use case, but eh, an idea.

[edit]It may be more involved than you’re looking for, but if you need to use a specific SMTP server (versus a mail service like Mailgun or Sendgrid), some quick Googling found EmailEngine and (if you want to live on the edge) MailWhale. Both are self hosted apps that expose your existing SMTP server over a REST API. You could then pretty easily call this from an Epicor function. This of course assumes you can hijack APR’s mail sending via BPM.[/edit]

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