April Fools 2020

I’m gonna make this catch on with ya’ll. Come on–who did some Epicor April Fools shenanigans?

Here’s mine for this year. I actually changed it, so that the text of the button changed to say “April Fools” while jumping around, then changed back to the original at the end.

*Edit - I’d like to point out that I try to make these silly, but not completely interfere with their work (it’s a challenging line to find). In this instance, they can completely bypass this issue by using the binoculars instead of the search button. Also, during testing, 5 jumps seemed like the appropriate amount where it was a decent prank, but didn’t drag on.


I assume the BPM condition widget has an “On this specific date” option, specifically for April Fools shenanigans. :wink:

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Oh, of course!
I put this in production back in October and promptly forgot about it. lol


I feel like I’d get booted out the door for this ! lmao. The only thing I’d do is make a custom exception box so that when a user gets an error, Dennis Nedry’s “Na Na Na” animation pops up!

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You never know until you ask! :stuck_out_tongue:
All of my “pranks” get vetted by my boss first to make sure that it’s not going to be detrimental to the business. They’re usually well received. We have a pretty fun culture here, though, so maybe that’s part of it.

So I must ask, did you actually “April Fools” yourself!? :rofl:

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id have to get regulatory to approve the RIA and engineering to perform validations and QA to test… FML…

What QA doesn’t know won’t hurt them! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Forms Management Library?

I used to sit next to a guy who was infamous for the jokes he played.
One of the more memorable schemes was the “loose nut in the copy/printer”.
He started by making a series of copies, each time re-positioning a nut on the scanning bed.
Then he put those copies back in the paper tray and waited.
The next persons print job included the moving nut on it’s pages & of course they called the office’s PFY for support.
The PFY had just arrived when our dept was called into a meeting.
By the time we all returned, the PFY was still there and the printer/copier was in a state of advanced disassembly. To my co-workers credit, he revealed the details to PFY, the investigation ceased and re-assembly didn’t take too long.
No vetting as his motto was “better to beg for forgiveness”.

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Lol, I did not. I put the code in most of the screens I don’t often use (PO Entry/ Quote Entry/ Order Entry…)

@rbucek implement it and tell them it must have been a glitch in the system. :stuck_out_tongue:

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