AR Cancellation Invoice error - contact num references invalid value

Hello. We are on 9.05.607B and we have cancelled a number of invoices successfully, but one invoice keeps erroring out.

The message we get is “Contact Num reference invalid value” and the only option is to click the OK button and try again.

I’ve seen this question asked, but not seen an answer. I cannot find the field they are referring to, but everything looks good.

Any ideas?

WAG ~ is it possible this is with regard to CONTACTS within the customer master?
Check fields in the INVOICE Head/Detail to determine if there is a CONTACT field.
Check the customer CONTACTS.
Cud it be the customer master CONTACTS were changed/updated and the Invoice is now containing “Contact Num reference invalid value” ?

          Based on EPICOR logic, the field might  be on the Sales Order....

         Basically, EPICOR is telling you something on the INVOICE doesn't align to data elsewhere!

         If you find this... how to fix?
         Lest's see if you find anything?!

Hello Joe,
Thanks for the reply. I did check about every contact, workforce, and person field on the SO, Shipper, and Invoice. The only issue I found was the salesrep had been set to inactive, but I changed that and still had the error. Only one customer has had the problem so far. Not sure what the next step would be?
John Gillenwater

I am in the current situation as well.

Last time, I got a one off to fix the invoice CustNum Contact, but I cant find the case. This time EPICOR sent me a fix that did not work. So still waiting.

Thanks Miguel. Sounds like it will require a direct fix to the database via Epicor.

Miguel, sorry to dig this topic out of the grave.
I am experiencing this exact issue in Occasionally, when a user is creating a credit for an RMA, when they attempt to save the credit memo they will get this “Ship To Contact references invalid value” error.
Do you remember how you were able to resolve?

Hello Aaron,

Sorry Aaron, I can’t recall how we resolved the issue. It always happened with the same account though and we’re still very active with that account, so we fixed it somehow.

I may have gone through support and/or tried modifying and saving the contact records associated with the customer to try to correct a potentially corrupt contact record.

John Gillenwater

Thanks John. I do worry that certain contact records are very corrupted. I’ve always had a bad time with the CRM and it’s evident when this sort of thing happens

Another example of corrupt CRM. Certain customers have non-unique contacts repeated over and over again, see below

I have no idea how to tackle since deletion is not allowed if the contact has been referenced by another entity

We’re seeing the same thing happen when we try to cancel an invoice and get the error “ShipConNum references an invalid value”.

Our goofy workaround is to select the Ship To Contact field, enter the number 0, and save. It seems to fix it.

Hello Aaron,

Thanks for the response. I will remember that fix.


John Gillenwater

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Did you change it back after you fixed it or left it at 0?

Aaron, where did you enter the 0? There is no Ship To Contact information for this customer. Is this why it is causing the error and we need to create a new Ship To?