AR Invoice GL Tran Dashboard - COGS as Per GL Transactions


I was wondering if it is possible to create a dashboard which would extract the GL transactions based off an invoice?
We want to basically see on an invoice line worth $3000.
AR - Deb $3000
Sales - Cred $3000
AR Clearing - Cred $1150
COGS Mtl - $750
COGS Lab - $250
COGS OH - $150

I am unsure which tables I should be linking to get this data.


Filter on related tables and Key1 = invoice num

I gave that a shot but it gave me a SQL Syntax error.
I linked from TranGLC ARInvoiceNum = InvcHed InvoiceNum and below are the results. Debit and credits are showing up as 0. I have never used TranGLC so please forgive my lack of knowledge.