AR Invoice Posting - Not hitting GL accounts

When we post AR invoices, there are times when we are not seeing it hit the GL accounts. When we tried in our Test environment then it works fine. Any thoughts as to why AR invoices are not hitting the GL Accounts after posting?

Check the customer setup and ensure the GL is setup there

Before you post the group did you check the print group edit list? (Under actions)

The GL is setup correctly because it hit the GL account in Test.

In my testing where it hit the GL accounts correctly, I did click on the Print Group and Edit List. I am not sure if in Production if Finance did do these steps or if it was missed. Any thoughts why doing the print group edit list would impact the it not hitting the GL accounts?

This report confirms if the double entry is correct. If it doesn’t balance it won’t post.

Also, is there anything sat in review journal for the unposted transaction?

It did post, its just that there aren’t any GL accounts tied to it when retrieving it in AR Invoice Tracker. Is it possible to post without GL accounts?

Highly unlikely.

We kind of narrowed it down to invoices that have advance billings that are posting with no GL accounts. We thought it might be a glitch in the number of invoices being posted in one batch but we tested with only one invoice and it still did not hit the GL accounts.

The only time I’ve seen something similar is if the value of the invoice is 0.00
Then it can sometimes get confused

It’s a long shot but I’d log it with epicor as there maybe a conversion to run.

We’ve tried testing with zero dollar invoices mixed in and it does happen. However, we’ve also tried it where it was only just one invoice with a dollar amount and it still did not hit the GL accounts. Is it possible that the zero dollar invoices are confusing the other invoices in the group?

The way we got around this is to cancel the invoice. Unship the goods. Cancel the SO and start from scratch… unbelievably it then just posts no problem.

I was thinking of doing the same thing to, try to “unpost” it or cancel the invoice and unship it without canceling the SO. Do you think canceling the invoice and unshipping the goods is sufficient to try reposting?

We logged a ticket with Epicor and they provided a fix but it did not resolve the issue. We couldn’t duplicate it on demand and that’s where we’re stuck.

I did the whole lot right back to New SO.
But there’s no harm in trying just to packslip.

Generally though it’s the details on the order that feed the invoice.

One other thing to remember is timing.
You confirmed GLs were set up on the customer…BUT were they set up when the SO was created? Epicor remembers these things in its cache.

Do you have the GL controls setup and attached the AR accounts?

I’m sure it’s set up correctly because our Test is a copy of Prod on Sunday and the issue happened on Tuesday so I wouldn’t suspect anything to have changed within 2 days. Even if it wasn’t setup, would it still have posted through?

The setups should be correct because it doesn’t work in Prod but works in Test which is a copy of Prod. I’m not sure if all the invoices included in the AR group in prod might have confused it or something in the AR group caused it to not hit the GL accounts correctly.

Did you try using the PE Log? You can turn on for AR Invoice, then post your invoice group.

When you view the log, look for errors.
Post it here if you’d like.

Remember to uncheck the logging options after, it does slow the system.