AR Invoice Tax taken from Part as a default

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I am guessing if there is any possibility how to make Kinetic to use automatically Tax from Product Tax Category on AR Invoice and calculate it. Right now I need to add the line manually everytime and this is not what we are searching for. Does anybody here any idea how to set it up?

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Do you have the Product Tax Category added to your Parts? This will carry over to the order and invoice.


thank you for your response. Yes, I have assigned it on a Part and still it has no effect neither on Sales Order or Invoice. Is any other setup needed to handle that? I have tried many things in the system but still there is no automatic calculation of Tax, only possibility to add Tax lines manually.


Make sure your product group is setup to use tax category, that after the part is setup with a tax category

Also make sure under your company config the ‘ready to calculate’ checkbox is selected by default

You also need a tax liability that contains the tax type from the tax category.

Thank you all for your advices. I have finally managed to make it work as I need.

It is nice that the community is live and willing to help here.

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