AR Reconciliation out of balance

Has anyone ever run into an issue where their AR Reconciliation report no longer balances? I am not sure if this is an issue from moving from 10.1.500.8 to 10.1.500.37 or not, but it is causing some headaches up in AR. The GL Balances are correct and the AR Aging report matches to it, but on AR Reconciliation and on the AR Reconciliation Tracker we are getting a variance saying that the sub-ledger’s ending balance is different than the GL ending balance (by a significant amount). I’ve been researching and I can’t figure out what the sub-ledger account exactly even is so I am not sure how to narrow down the issue. Every prior month before June 2018 balanced perfectly.


I’m running into a similar problem.

Did you ever get an answer as to why this happened?

Has any been able to resolved this problem?

We recently moved into Epicor and we are running into the same issue.


It’s been a really long time so I don’t really remember this, but I pulled my ticket from EpiCare and this was marked as the solution:

In this case please do the following:

Navigate to Financial Management > Accounts Receivable > General Operations > Balance Update
Enter Next:
Schedule: Now
Fiscal Year: 2017
Fiscal Period: 1
Process Option: Regenerate
Click Submit button

This process can take around 10 minutes to finish

after this process finish, review the tracker again

let me know the outcome

Thanks in advance, best regards