Are there any forums that deal with the Epicor POS systems

I was hoping there may be a REST (possibly oData) access to any of the POS systems data.

Jim Bittner

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I would also love to point Eagle customers somewhere.

We can gladly add a section for eagle if anyone is interested

I’m sure there are questions to be asked, but unless there are people who can answer…

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I’ll raise my hand.

When i ran across your Help Forum and saw that you have exposed data via API, i got a little excited. However, the discussion was all around the ERP system.

My question at this moment, has POS data also been exposed via API?

And, how is the OData stuff working for you? I’ve read about it done a couple of examples, but I haven’t seen it used in the wild yet.


Jim Bittner

DoitBest Corp.

We have several applications that push and pull data via the REST services. It has been very succesful for us. I am not sure this fully answers your OData question, but I did want to add this.

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Thanks Josh,

When i was running thru the OData material and built out a couple of the tutorials, i thought to myself, ‘This is really good stuff’. And when i was following up, looking for things in a production environment, it seemed that it may have died on the vine. Not a lot of new, up-to-date information.

I am pleased to see it has been implemented successfully and providing good support for your systems.


Epicor Users Group perhaps…

Actually scrap that I just checked. No Eagle Discussions. Sorry for the Duff Gin