ASN (856) - EDI output sorted by SSCC18 number

I have created a ASN report definition by copying the Packslip def
to this. I have also created a ASN report style to use the ASN def.
The report style has a report type of OUTBOUND EDI (using the ASN
I have added a custom field (shipdetail shortchar02) for the SSCC18
number (unique number on each carton of product). I have some custom
code to allow the user to get the next number or use the existing
number. The Shortchar02 field is than populated with this number.
In Shipment Entry, the user previews the ASN report and this file
is output. Our mapping software will use this file to create the 856

Is there any way to sort the records in the shipdetail table by
Shortchar02? I need all the SSCC18 records together for my map to

I am using Tie Commerce Evision for my mapping software. I have not
found any way to sort data using Evision.

Is anyone else doing 856's? I am now on 8.03.404 (Progress