Assistance needed for Customization for Job Entry - Get Details

I’m attempting a customization on the Get Details form called from Job Entry:

On the Job tab, I’d like to populate the Job field with the value “COMP TEMP” and have the details grid load automatically. I’d like to be able to accomplish this when the form loads, but I’d accept just building a custom EpiButton that does this. Is this possible?

Furthermore, I want this Get Details customization to attach only to a particular customization for the Job Entry program. Is that possible as well? Any ideas are welcome, thanks!

One way would be a BPM. If you look at the trace log you can have it replace the Job value on launch of the screen. In Customization maybe OnLoad event could replace it as well.

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How are you creating the job?
Have you looked at Quick job that will pull in the details automatically?
The other would be the Planning workbench if you are creating a job for a sales order, there is a get details check box that will pull in the details automatically.

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Thanks for replying. We’ve been in the weeds with other critical projects and an Epicor upgrade lately. But to explain what I’ve got so far and to answer your questions.

By using the New Job function in Job Entry: we manually create the job, with our specific job number since we are a highly custom job shop. Quick Job won’t work for us in this scenario, nor will Planning Workbench.

What I have so far is an EpiButton that launches the GetDetails form through a custom process call menu item and ProcessCaller.LaunchForm in the script.

Here I notice something: when I load the (customized) Get Details form from the menu, everything works:

But when I open it from the custom button, I get this error when clicking the custom “COMP” button (which worked the other way) or when I click the Job button to load the search form. Notice the title bar this time doesn’t include the Job number, Asm number, or Part number.

Does the normal way of launching the get details form require passing parameters from the Job ENtry?