Attach T&Cs to Quote automatically


Hi everyone, we have a Word document, a couple of pages long containing our T & Cs. We send this document with every quote and at the moment the user has to manually attach it. Has anyone developed a way of doing this automatically using a BPM or customization? Or is there a built-in process for it somewhere?
Any help much appreciated

My first inclination might be to create a modification for the quote (QuotForm) and do something like add a custom subreport into the Body of the report but outside of any Tablix that might already be there. The intent would be to get this to print at the end of the quote. Using Group properties in the Tablix so that the last section gets a Page Break, or including the subreport inside the Tablix as the last section with Page Break settings, could work to make it appear as a separate attachment. However, for mass prints or something you’re going to have to consider how the solution reacts in that situation.
In previous life, our guys would attach product manuals and other goodies so it wasn’t as much of a stretch.
Interestingly here, the Quote does not have any T&C included. I’ll make an inquiry to see what the guys here are doing.

Hello Adrian,

A search of Terms and Conditions will reveal several threads on this: