Attachments with EWA

We have successfully gotten EWA to run but cannot open PDF attachments that are available from the desktop.

The message that shows up using chrome is “undefined” and if we run this in IE we get “Cannot download file. Possibly not sufficient access rights.”

It has giving permissions to the Epicor Admin account for the folder directory no help. We saved the path from the server on the attachment thinking it was a mapped drive issue. No help.

I made sure that the form we were trying to access “Order Entry” with C# customizations was Generated as a Web Form. No help.

Suggestions? Sorry E 10.1.400.18

Nobody Has any opinion or input?

What are the attachment settings in the Company maintenance UI?

We have a support ticket open and cannot use the suggested fix. We will find another way to approach this.

If anyone has found a solution, please let me know. We raised support call with Epicor, and it has been responded as it is “for security reasons users should not be preview/download attachments from EWA”