Audit Trail for Auto Generated Number


Upon creating a new Sales Order (SO)/ Purchase Order(PO), is there a way to trace all the numbers that have already been generated?

We find that upon deleting an incomplete transaction the numbers disappear.

How can one trace all the numbering generated even if the SO/PO were incomplete or deleted.

Any missing number in your sales order table (gap) is a missing number

But more importantly why do you need to track this? That number gets automatically spun up any time an order is created including any accidental clicks or tests orders

What’s the purpose?


Hi, not sure if legal numbers are supported on sales orders. But if they are this may work for you

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You could enable the change log AND a BPM to prevent the deletion of the header record.

Just implementing the change log wouldn’t work, because the change log records are deleted when the record they are logging against is deleted. Disabling the ability to delete the records, would then force users to manually close/void the PO or SO. And that process would be captured in the change log.

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Hi @josecgomez
The deleted numbers are necessary as they keep a track of how many SO/PO were deleted.

It also helps users keep track of the status of SO/PO.

@ckrusen thank you

Will try this and revert back.

@prakash wrote a customisation for closing sales orders which a reason code. And blocked deletions. and a report to analyse why sales orders were closed.

Thank you @enbw we want to minimize customizations as this installation is hosted by a 3rd party.