Auto Consume stock

I am trying to figure out how to consume inventory of a part that is checked as a non-stock item. On occasion, we will run batches that are larger than what the job calls for and place the excess into inventory to be consumed by the next job. Does anyone currently use Auto Consume Stock to achieve this result?

there isn’t a true pull from stock first option. We created it in customizations. When customer service enters a line with a non stock part I look to inventory for that part. If there is some I’ll let them know in a pop up and they create two releases. One from stock and then the remainder make direct. Not sure but capable to promise might do that for you, we can’t use it right now due to some other workflow constraints so I have not tested.

Maybe I am misunderstanding, but I am reading this as jobs consuming the inventory (STK-MTL not STK-CUS).

Long ago I used auto-consume on some stocked trailer parts that we changed to making as a subassembly (i.e. non-stock). MRP creates a “pull qty” on the assembly in the jobs that need it and thus reduces the asm qty to be made in a subassembly. I thought it was pretty slick.

Having said that, it will NOT backflush that material (like we do with everything else). So you have to deliberately issue the material. But MRP handles the demand perfectly.