Auto Fill Date

Is there anywhere in Epicor that a date is auto-filled? I’ve had a request for a UDF that auto fills with the date a quote is originally created on and I want to look over examples of how it’s done elsewhere in Epicor.

@RRStar - I’m not sure if seeing a native Epicor field with an autofill date (aka Order Entry’s) will help, if the BO does it, unless you are good at decompiling.

If you want to record the date a quote was created with a UD Field, you can make a data directive BPM on QuoteHed that uses the ‘Set Field’, set to DateTime.Today. We did the same for Order Entry:



Thank you!
This is the kind of thing I was looking for…

There is already a field QuoteHed .EntryDate that is auto-populated on creation of a quote and is not user maintainable