Auto Generate Invoice When PO is completed through Receipt Entry

So we are finally getting around to receiving through epicor instead of using spreadsheets. I am very comfortable with the PO and receiving ends but i was wondering if there was some way accounting can be affected once the receipt is completed and it closes the PO? What i want is it to act like the PO suggestions do and create an invoice or group.

Is this something that exists or something that can be added through a BPM?

The typical flow is

  1. PO Entry - No GL or Part trans created
  2. PO Receipt - Part trans created (Inc inventory), GL trans between Inv and Accrued AP
  3. AP Invoice Entry - No Part Trans, GL Trans between Accrued AP and Payables
  4. Process Payments - - No Part Trans, GL Trans between Payables and cas account

(that’s a very rough outline, and varies with how your company is setup).

Once a receipt is invoiced, you cannot un-receive it to make changes to the PO (like to correct a an incorrect price, UOM, etc…).

So… yes, you can create a BPM to automatically create a Supplier Invoice for your AP folks. The question is, what if when the actual Supplier sends in their actual Invoice and it doesn’t match something somewhere? What if there was a price change and the PO hadn’t gotten updated? What if the Supplier puts the wrong part number on the Invoice? What if the receiving crew miscounted? This is why there is the 3-Way-Match (PO, Supplier Pack Slip, Supplier Invoice) and all have to get matched up before a check gets written.

You’re not the first to ask that question (I’m working with a client right now that does it like that in their old system, and our Finance group is trying to talk them out of it)… but think it through carefully before you go down that road.

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