Auto Logoff (MES & Epicor)

Hello Everyone,

Is there a feature that would logoff a user from MES ? Not on currently logged into a Job.

In addition, is there a feature that will logoff an IDLE user currently sitting a menu?

Thank you in advance.


There’s no easy way to log them off, but their license becomes available based on the setting in their user. Do you want to log them off to free up licenses or for some other reason?

Hello Carson,

I have users on occasion that will sign into a JOB on MES and the job is completed and closed. Yet I have users showing actively login into a Job. I would like to know if there is a way to clear them from the Job.

I just want the status to show up correctly.

Thanks for any assistance.


A user should not be able to clock into a complete or closed job and you should not be able to close a job that has a user actively in it. There is a conversion program to end activity if you end up with an employee clocked into a closed job.

Some companies review labor every day and ensure no one was clocked in overnight. It is also possible to create a function that would automatically clock out everyone at a scheduled time.