Auto Numbering Fixed Assets

Hi All, I’m fairly new to the world of BPM’s and looking to automate the generation of fixed asset numbers. What we want is something simple, 6 characters, starting from 100000, sequentially adding +1.
I’ve come across a few good threads on auto generating ID’s but have had no success in getting this to work for my fixed assets. Ive tried the below method, redirecting all the customer references to the FAsset table.

Has anyone got any advise or sample codes they can share that may get me moving in the right direction?

Welcome to the community @shopkins46.

Refer to this post here.
Auto Numbering - Customer ID - #9 by changchai The pdf Tim posted gives instructions on how to do this. But instead of doing on the GetNewCustomer, use the FAsset.GetNewFAsset and FAsset.Update BOs.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on.

What version of 10 are you on?

You mentioned you are fairly new so here is a list of resources you might find useful:

  • Epicor Epicweb Documentation The go to place to get PDF versions of release notes, user guides, customisation guides business object help files, installation guides broken down by version. Tip here is look for the major releases, they are the ones with the most documents against them.
  • Online help is exceptional and most recent versions have pdf copies of the application help and customisation guides. Note there help from the Kinetic UI is different to the Classic and if you want information on Application Studio then you need to be using the Kinetic UI. Just search for Application Studio, there is all sorts of goodness there.

There are a myriad of useful tools that will help you with your development journey also:

There are probably others that I am unaware of as well.

Thanks to all those that have taken the time to develop and contribute those projects.

I hope you find the information useful.

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Hi @Hally

Appreciate the information and resources, a lot of good info there. Looks like we’re actually using 2022.1.9.102 (not sure if this is the same as 10).

Have now got my BPM working. Turned out to be user error where I had both the Pre-Processing and Post-Processing set on the FAsset.GetNewFAsset BO only. You spelled it out quite clearly for me to realise this :slight_smile: . Now have the Pre-processing on the FAsset.Update BO.

Thanks again, look forward to applying more BPM’s.


Great to hear you got it working.