Auto Print DD for MtlQueue Report

I am working on a DD that auto prints the MtlQueue Report after it has been reserved and picked from the fulfillment workbench. For some reason if an order has 2 or more lines that need to be printed on the MtlQueue report it is printing 2 separate reports instead of both lines on the same report. I feel like I am missing a break or something somewhere. I also tried to get Advanced Print and Routing to fire from the DD, but it does not seem like it works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you breaking on the order line or the order number?

On the Advanced Print and Routing I am breaking on the Order Num and it is working, but when I call the Report Routing from the Data Directive it is breaking for each order line.

can you share your DD?

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export.bpm (45.1 KB)