Auto print EDI not working

I’ve been working on a bit of a custom bpm to create a file for EDI. I have been following the EDI\Demand management. So for a test I thought I’d just create the Auto Print on the Data Directive, configure the EDI report and setup the customer document. When I post the invoice I can see that the EDIready field has changed to true, but nothing prints. I can confirm if I do a reprint of the invoice and select the EDI report style it generates the file. For some reason the data directive does not fire.

Looking for some pointers on how I can track this down. Any assistance appreciated.

Does your condition look like this?
Does the Auto Print look like this?



I think you hit the nail on the head. It is now working. Thanks very much. Just now need to move my linqpad code over and I think I’ll have a winner. I appreciate your time for taking the screen shots.

The condition in the technical document is that threw me off. It shows.

But that was taking from a shipment context to an invoice, which I should have considered.

Thanks again.