Auto Print when picking sales orders to print customer's part num tag

Im trying to automate the printing of a material tag when picking parts on a sales order that the customer has that part on a customer partnum cross reference.
i want to be able to tag the part with that customer’s part number before it ships.
I was going to build it with a bpm on parttran when Ordernum > 0 and trantype Stk-Stk as that is the only transaction i am seeing when picking a sales order with fulfillment workbench
i assume i need to use Linq to see if that part exists on a cross reference to that sales orders customer.

anyone done anything like this before?

Safe to assume that the Customer’s PartNum isn’t entered on the order?

it actually does pull into orderdtl if a value exists when the line is added. as XPartNum

So you need to both check the XRef and if blank, do a second check against some other table?

Either way, a BAQ Report would be the way to go.

i only want to print if an xpartnum exists. i dont want to print a label if i dont need it. that is why i thought i would need to use linq to set a value on the bpm context that is used on the criteria to autoprint.

I see… I was thinking of printing all the labels for a given order. You want to do it line-by-line during the workbench entry.

You might be able to just use the condition type like, “Number of rows in the designed query is not less than 1”

i need to do it during picking as we have the users carry portable printers so the items get tagged as they are handling them.
That is why i was going to do it during part tran.