Auto Receive to Inventory Woes

Somehow I managed to make Auto Receive to Inventory work in E9. We are testing out E10 and are completely unable to make auto receipt to inventory work. It’s a simple MOM, one op (also marked final), one material, lot tracked part. I have set the default warehouse and primary bin. Our Lot options are set to use job number as lot default. I can’t seem to get the parts into inventory without doing a job receipt to inventory after the report qty is complete. What am I doing wrong / forgetting?

Check your operations primary resource. I’m pretty sure Auto Move needs to be enabled.
Otherwise it should be going to the Material Queue, check your Material Queue for any MFG-STK transactions for the job.
While we are on the topic, often times the auto receipt hierarchy is questioned once it’s working, here is a blog post that may help as well:



Rick, I read your blog post the other day when I first started having this problem. Very good stuff.

As you suggested, Auto Move was NOT checked. I checked it and now all is working as intended. Thanks again and send me a bill. :slight_smile:

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FYI - I updated my blog post to include the other required configurations for Job Auto Receipts to work properly. Should probably include that when explaining how Job Auto Receipts work.


Hey Rick, a quick question:

For Auto-Receive if not Prim Bin and Warehouse has multiple Bins, will the part be Auto-Received into the first Alphanumeric ACTIVE Bin or the first Alphanumeric Bin?



It should be the first active bin alphanumerically for the Job’s Demand Warehouse.