Auto send email to supplier upon payment


I’m new to E10 and need some help on BPM auto email.

I’m trying to create automatic email notice for supplier when we process payment and post it.
I found invoice and check information is in APTran table and trying to create BPM to send notice.
However, I cannot get vendor’s email information in BPM.
The table I have access in BPM is ttAPtran only.
Can anybody advise what is the best way to get supplier’s contact email in BPM?
We want to send notice to whoever in suppliers contact with role of “EFT Notice”. so this could be multiple person to send notice.

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  1. You’ll need to determine how (and where) the email address(es) for the customer are to be stored.
  2. The BPM will need a Custom Code block to fetch the email addresses from where ever they’re stored. The address(es) can then be used by an email block in the BPM.

An alternate approach would be to have the addresses added to the payment details when they are created. Then they would be available to the BPM when they’re posted. This would also provide a record of who was emailed (not that I wouldn’t copy the user who posts the payments too)

I have something similar that I haven’t figured out. For a vendor I have multiple contacts. One is the ACH/EFT contact or something like that. It is different than the primary email contact on the supplier which is the only email address that we’d found in the SSRS Breaking/Routing rules template that I had. I don’t know how to create this custom code block that you are talking about…I guess just reach out to a favorite consultant?

I’m not sure about AP, but in the OrderAck, there is a field in the RDD that “calculates” the email address. I think it looks for an email address from looking through the following, and stopping as soon as it finds one.

  1. Contact Person on the Order
  2. Purchasing Contact for the Customer
  3. Email for the customer

I’m sure that’s nowhere complete - as there are other sources for an email address(like Ship To contact). But you get the picture - this RDD field doesn’t always come from the same table.field.

Edit: Regarding the code block… The second suggestion (copy the email to the AP details during AP creation) might not need any code (i.e. could be done in BPM blocks).


Just reaching out to see if anybody successfully set this up in their system.

Thank you!

This would be handy on our AR side of things. If we get an advance payment email our buying team to start ordering raw materials.

I have used functions to notify suppliers on payment of their invoices and customers of receipt of their payment - these can be scheduled to run overnight and give them a list of everything rather than individual emails for each item. Here is an example of an email to a supplier on posting a number of payments against multiple invoices:

All of the email elements (logo, fonts, colours etc.) are configured in User Codes so can be easily changed. The email goes to all Supplier Contacts with one or more pre-defined Role Codes

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