Automagic email

Is the automagic emailing of posts functionality not working? I haven’t received any since yesterday afternoon.

@Ernie did you get an e-mail from this one?

Same here @Ernie. I think there’s an age cut-off. :rofl:

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It’s the age limit of people who read the forum through e-mail!!

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If I were a betting man someone reported us as SPAM vs turning off the email feature. Happens on the regular. We then have to go to AWS and plead with them to unblock us. It’s a regular thing and very annoying. Jose has the creds to AWS and is on Vaca we’ll have to table this for now.

Here’s Mark reading the posts …


Yes, I got this Brandon…







Yesterday afternoon I got a couple of “503 Bad Gateway” errors from this site.

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Oh the irony… Me getting screwed by a cloud service… :thinking:


I did too…so did @ERPSysAdmin

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Wouldn’t be the first or last time.

Correct. Load crashed the site, and we had tried to recover it, but in the end basically pulled a Ctlr-Alt-Del on it. We need more resources applied to the server. When to take it down for a while is the question.

The joys of managing your own servers… :wink:

You manage your own and decide when to do maintenance/upgrades or you let some other company manage and let them make those decisions. /shrug

Sorry @EarlGrei, you all are just catching some of the continuous, friendly, banter between @jgiese.wci and me. Don’t want a religious war to break out!

Oh no, no worries. Dont take my statement to be an attack man. I get a little grumpy cat on the whole ‘cloud’ vs on-premise thing. The cloud is just someone else in a datacenter somewhere.

Side note: I did get an email notification on this by the by so… puzzling…

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