Automate AP invoice Entry using Tecbot

We have reviewed referent options in hopes to get our AP invoice entry automated via a 3 way match - po, packer, pdf invoice copy.

The solutions through epicor (doc star) are too costly for us to justify.

We have contacted prism (no response yet) and tecbot (waiting for proposal quote)

What is everyone using to automate AP invoice entry?

There are many of us here who use the ECM/IDC combination and have augmented the Epicor delivered workflows with our own ‘flavor’ to make it work for us.

We have a receipt/packer workflow to link to the image to the receipt transaction and it utilizes the ‘related documents’ feature to display receipts when processing AP Invoices. Could easily do the same with PO’s using APR to store/link a copy of the printed PO, but never found it necessary since the workflow validates Vendor/PO automatically and attempts to match dollar values with the receipt transactions. Our invoices come to a mailbox and everything after that is fairly automatic all the way to the AP Group.

We have many workflows and use ECM/IDC for many things, but our user/license count is very low because only a few folks access ECM directly - everyone else goes through Kinetic and that is single license seat.

We have a customer who implemented the AP Automation from a company called Centreviews, and they seem very happy with it. They have multiple companies in Epicor Kinetic, and each connects to Centreviews: Accounts Payable Automation - Centreviews

We use DocStar ECM and like @MikeGross have a low user count and process hundreds of invoices with no touch from IDC to ECM to Epicor.

I was not the person who wanted DS back when we started, but came to like the workflow piece to automate a bunch of stuff.

We had APM and once Epicor purchased DocStar we got a good deal to move from APM to ECM when we bought AP automation. We now also have SO Automation.