Automate Cost Rollup

Looking for anyone that has automated the cost rollup process. The goal is to schedule this process to run automatically every week.

It looks to me that once the costing group itself is created the remaining costing work bench steps could be scheduled using the process set functionality.

Has anyone done this already and how did you go about it?



Hello Brad,

I am hoping that someone has come up with a solution in the two years since you started this topic. We are looking at a boatload of assemblies we need to roll, and the process is very cumbersome at the least. I would love to hear from anyone that has been able to automate the cost roll procedure…




I didn’t finalize a solution.

One idea was to create the cost group manually. Then use the process set functionality to schedule the rest of the process steps.

If you wanted to only run certain parts to could load only those parts manually to.

Never got a chance to try this and am now at a company that uses average costing.


Thanks for the reply… We are happy with Standard Costing, but cost rolling is one of the things that we would have loved to see better developed… I will keep looking…

Would be interested in doing this, did anyone come up with a method?



We did this an Epicor function and a process set I can talk a bit more about it on Monday if someone reminds me

It’s not too bad

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Hi Jose

That would be really helpful.

Kind Regards


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I’d like to know more.
Are you running it on every part with the process set?
Id like to automate a cost roll up when a part rev is checked in so we can set a standard for new parts as they are release.

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Anyone ever heard of someone adding a set of notational cost elements?

We have a need to quote off of a cost that is different than the standard cost… Is there no way to achieve this?

Any ideas? I am going to create a separate post, but since I see some people actively talking about costing…

Hi Jose,

This is a reminder. I would really like to run the Cost Rollup in a BPM or however you automated it. I am trying to run it in a Method Directive but am having problems with the BO. Can you please help!!


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In the workbench of quote entry you can add a cost markup. i dont know if you would need to set it at the part level.

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