Automate Freight Tax

Hello everyone,
I’m curious what others do for freight tax. We have both Avalara and Quick Ship Pro. Right now, Quick Ship pushes back a freight charge to the pack slip. We have to manually adjust the charge I.D. to taxable if the state where the products are being shipped to has taxable freight.

Any way to automate this, or what have you all done here?

Thanks in advance!

@MDiekhuis do you have the Product Tax Categories setup? There are codes in Avalara to map the Freight misc charge code to the correct Avalara code. Avalara tracks the taxability of the code per jurisdiction.



Yes, we do. Thank you! Our issue is that QuickShip only brings in 1 code to our pack. So then we have to manually change it if it’s Taxable. Avalara will do it’s thing from there. Maybe it’s a matter of revisiting the codes?

Which Avalara code are you using on the misc charge code quickship uses?

You only need 1 code, but make sure you are using the proper Tax Category code on the Misc Charge as Bryan pointed out. An FR020100 will act much different than an FR020400 in some states.

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Here is the link to the Avalara site for looking up Product Tax Codes.

Thank You, I need to look at our site and check.