Automated Case Entry - JobEntry.CheckChangeJobProdOrderRelNum error

We’re attempting to automate Case Entry for units in for repair using BPMs. Current sticking point is an error being thrown by JobEntry.CheckChangeJobProdOrderRelNum : “MakeToType must be ORDER”

I do have a Call earlier in the flow to JobEntry.CheckJobProdMakeToType, with the parameter ipChangeToType set to ORDER. No error there, the error comes up later in the flow when I add JobEntry.CheckChangeJobProdOrderRelNum.

Trying to track down the problem, I’ve found that the documentation of JobEntry.CheckJobProdMakeToType isn’t clear to me. In the 10.1.400 BO Reference, JobEntry.CheckJobProdMakeToType states :

“This method validates for an invalid if you can change the JobProd.MakeToType to the provided new value.”

and describes the parameter as :

“ipChangeToType - The new maketotype value to change to”

The text appears to refer to a DB Field JobProd.MakeToType - appears to, because that Field doesn’t exist. I checked the JobProd Table in the DB; there is no MakeToType Field. Same for JobHead, JobAsmbl, JobMtl, JobOper, JobOpDtl Tables.

In the Trace Log of the manual Case Entry process, the call to JobEntry.CheckJobProdMakeToType does list a MakeToType Field in the JobProd TableSet. However, that TableSet has 67 Fields, but in the DB the JobProd Table only has 26 Fields. MakeToType appears to be one of 41 Fields in the JobProd TableSet that are not actually Fields in the JobProd Table. I haven’t found any documentation that indicates what those Fields refer to.

So I’m left to wonder what MakeToType is if not a Field. In another post, Jose indicated that MakeToType is determined by the values of other JobProd Fields :

"In the JobProd table you can determine what the Make To Type is by looking at the fields

If OrderNum >0 then its Make to Order
If TargetJobNum is filled in then its Make to Job
If CallNum is filled in then its a Service Job
Otherwise is Make to Stock"

So MakeToType is apparently not a Field. What is it, and what is JobEntry.CheckJobProdMakeToType setting with the ipChangeToType parameter ?

Main question, how do I clear the error ?