Automated data entry

I’ve been tasked with finding software that would scan a customer PO (no matter the format mind you) and automagically populate all the pertinent fields in Order Entry and create a sales order.

No doubt there are programs that can intelligently capture text, but to think it could accurately convert that into an order…I’m more than doubtful considering the scheduling, job creation, etc.

Does a practical solution exist?


There was something like this (from Epicor) for V8, so it must exist for E9.

I can’t recal the exact name of it. But you’d scan a document with an OCR tool (I think there was an MS Office tool that did this) and then indicate which chunks of “text” would go into which fields.

DocStar and 10.2.500 does this.

DocStar uses REST to populate the Epicor system and you don’t have REST with E9. But you may be able to use DocStar’s OCR capability.

If you’re a cloud person, Microsoft’s Cognitive Search is supposed to be good at this as well.

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Thanks for the info guys.