Automatic notice when inventory level drops below safety stock

We are relatively new on Kinetic. We have safety stock levels set on our parts. My buyer is asking if there is any type of notification he can receive when a part’s on-hand quantity drops below the safety stock level.

I know I can run a report and filter it to where on hand qty is less than safety stock, but someone will have to remember to run the report.

Is there a built in trigger or an easily programmable trigger to flag a buyer when the inventory level goes below safety stock, so they can expedite / place PO’s?

Could write a BPM to send an email or do something. PO Suggestions covers this out of the box, just not notification.

The normal processing will put in on the buyers workbench with a suggestion. I use a row rule to color those red.
Depending on how rapidly the notice needs to be done you could put a standard data directive on PartTran that sent an email or do a scheduled function that sent an email nightly.

You get it for free with Global Alerts


Thank you…no one had ever mentioned Global Alerts, and I had not seen them to test them.

I will try it out!