Automatic Qty Reduction for crap

Good Afternoon. Is there a way to automatically reduce the qty of a job is a part is scrap off a job? Right now anytime a part is scrapped I am informed and manually reducing the qty of the job. Thanks

You would need some sort of system to detect the defect and provide a discrete input to another system to process the adjustment.

I think you title says it all… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’ve never actually implemented it, but the idea is a little complicated.
I assume you are scrapping at the End Activity screen or the Time and Expense?
If so, what do you do about previous qty completed on other operations?
Are these Make to Stock? If not, what about the Order?

Technically, you would Unrelease & Unengineer. Then you would reduce the Qty on JobProd, save, then Reengineer and Release. Not terribly hard in a BPM, but take caution.

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Well thats an embarrassing (yet ironic) typo. We are scrapping parts in process and right now our current process is how you described (un-engineer, change qty, etc…). Our last ERP system (visual manufacturing) would automatically deduct the scrap from the job if there was a nonconformance that scrapped out a part. We are making to stock all our jobs.

I have never used it, but there is a Production Yield Recalculation Process in Epicor. You can read about it in the help system.