Automatic reports via email - Report Builder NOT Cr ystal Repor


Here is what I have found to work for automatically running Report Builder
Reports and e-mailing them:

Items needed/used:
A program to execute your Report Builder reports.
A full copy of Adobe Acrobat 4.0 (not the reader).
An e-mail enabled application to send your PDF reports.

Install Adobe Acrobat to the machine that will run your reports. Setup your
Report Builder Reports to print using the Acrobat PDFWriter printer created
from installing Adobe Acrobat on the machine. Edit the WIN.INI settings:
[Acrobat PDFWriter]
When your Report Builder report is run, the WIN.INI settings from above will
bypass the prompt to "Save-as" and automatically print to filename and path
the listed. Then setup the e-mail application to attach the file, address
the message and send it out.

I have tested this configuration/setup and it works.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

Michael Podlin

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Anyone know of some way to automatically run report builder reports and
email them to someone each week? Thanks.

Amy MacKay
Parkinson Technologies