Automating custom object promotion (Jenkins, Chef, ...)

Seeing the VS Code add-on thread got me thinking: Has anyone used any automation tools to deploy customized objects (BPMs, customizations, BAQs, reports, etc) to other (sandbox, UAT, and/or production) environments? I would be curious to learn what has been used and how.


I think something like this would also be quite helpful with the new upgrade cadence too, especially for those of us in the cloud.

Powershell and Solution.exe (built in to the client) can do this for you

I have created a simple program that does this and monitors a folder. In the folder you drop the cab file and it gets pushed to all environments automatically…
Sigh I’ll post it on git


Sure, but don’t underestimate the power of a process that is also documenting your installs, and even getting sign-offs all from a check-in to Git. This helps with SOX compliance and it should be able to do roll-backs if necessary. These tools might also be good for copy-live-to-test scripts, restart app servers, etc.

Mark W.

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@Mark_Wonsil This exactly! We deal with SOX compliancy.

However, I am interested in @josecgomez solution, if still interested in sharing.


Here you go


One could take this concept and apply it to some CI/CT platform is expect.