Automation Studio error: undefined method `strip' for 0:Integer

Has anyone run into the “undefined method `strip’ for” errors in Automation Studio or have any idea on how to resolve them?

I have seen them before in updates/creates to Epicor but I have one that I can’t figure out this time. When I have run into them in the past, it has usually been a formatting issue, such as boolean field that I need to format as a “true” string, or something similarly weird. In this case, though, no formatting changes seem to be working.

I am attempting to use the Epicor “Create Record” component in Automation Studio to create a new sales order. I am passing bare minimum fields for simplicity sake (Company, CustNum, OrderNum) but am having issues with the OrderNum field. I believe that I need to pass in an OrderNum of 0 since I am attempting to create a new order, however, if I don’t pass it at all or pass it as a string value (“0”), I get:

The Sales Order Number must either be less than 300000 or enter zero to allow the system to assign the number.

If I use the .to_i Ruby operator in Workato to convert it to an integer, I get:

“undefined method `strip’ for 0:Integer”

I am sure that I could use a Custom Action block and put the call together manually, if I need to, but I am trying to avoid going that route, if possible.

It looks like Integer values need to be quoted.