Available to Promise not refreshing

In the Available to Promise screen, under receipts it shows we have 10 pieces of a part coming in on 7/9/19. We changed the date on that Purchase Order to 8/13, but now the available to promise is showing 10 due 7/9 and 10 due 8/13. When we click on Actions - Receipts, it correctly shows one PO open for 10 pieces due on 8/13.

Refresh button does nothing. Any ideas why this PO is showing twice on the ATP screen? Is there a system update that runs at night to update these trackers?

Conversion 6430?
Not sure it will fix your ATP problem but…
At a minimum, I run this conversion in report mode at least once every two weeks.
Then when I need to commit changes, I usually wait until after normal business hours/weekend.